Parsing a line based hosts file to Firefox under Windows

I just needed to parse a line based file containing hosts and access the hosts with Firefox under Windows in multiple tabs. Here is what I did:

If you want to slow things down and the sleep command is no option, you can use this workaround to slow things down:

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Arpspoofing within Linux

For ARP based spoofing simply go for arpspoof

Syntax is quite simple and goes like this:


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Enhanced security controlls for Internet Explorer on windows servers

Due to enforced security controlls you will often find yourself unable to access any website while running the Internet Explorer on a windows server.

This is related towards the Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC).

You can manually disable it by jumping into the Programs and Functionality settings (or just hit up the server manager).

There you can disable the enhanced security controlls for the IE by going to:


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Dumping of installed programs and services within Windows

I use the following snippets to dump installed programs on Windows machines via WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation Commandline):

The output can be processed as CSV

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Broken packages with Backtrack 5

People still running on Backtrack 5 R2 are not able to pull updates anymore.

In oder to fix this make sure to modify your /etc/apt/sources.list by adding this entry:


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